• Administrative, Technical & Testing Preparations:
» Field Start-up, Testing & Control Procedures
» Detailed Start-up Schedule Preparation
» Scoped Start-up Drawings
» Construction, Engineering & Sub-contractor Interface
» Major Equipment Testing & Plant Systems Start-up
• Performance Testing & Reporting
• Instruments for Temporary Measurement
• Fuel Sampling & Fuel Analysis
• Schedule & Resource


• Hydrostatic Testing
• Target Bar Testing
» Steam Blow
» Natural Gas
• Electrical Cable Tests
» Continuity Check
» Megger
» High Voltage
• Electrical Motors Phase & Rotation Check
• Equipment Alignment
• Verification of DCS Logic prior to shipment to the site
• Site Safety Regulations Compliance
• Field Coordination & Performance
• Records inclusive of major equipment initial run data
• Systems & Equipment Turn-over

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