Coal continues to be one of the primary sources in power generation in today’s markets. BGM is able to offer a wide range of coal fired power plants based on different boiler technologies including;

* Pulverised Coal Boilers (Subcritical-Supercritical-Ultra-Supercritical)
* Circulating Fluidized Bed Boilers

BGM offers solutions for

Environmental Improvement
To reduce environmental footprint of its clients’ power plants and ensure the compliance with increasingly more stringent air quality control regulations, BGM offers proven, cost effective solutions to control emissions. BGM provides EPC turnkey delivery of all major air quality technology types available, either by upgrading existing systems or by installing new technology.


Flue Gas Desulfurization (FGD) (Wet-Seawater-Dry


Selective Catalytic Reduction(DeNOx)


Particulate Emission Control


Performance Improvement

Performance improvements are necessary to save fuel, to stay competitive in the market and especially to comply with stringent regulatory requirements. BGM helps its clients to reduce the cost of electricity and to comply with regulatory requirements through:

• Inspection and Assessment for power plants
• Efficiency Improvement
• Subsystem Retrofits
• Emission Reduction
• Capacity Factor increase (renewable)
• Automated Generation Control (AGC) (Primary Frequency Control, and
Secondary Frequency control Systems)
• Mechanical and controls Rehabilitation and retrofit of old steam turbines and turbine auxiliary systems
• Boiler rehabilitation, upgrade and retubing,
• Control system and field instrumentation upgrade
• Burner upgrade and combustion efficiency increase
• Online efficiency monitoring and efficient generation dispatch systems

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